Roto Grip Bowling Balls (Dominate the Lane in 2022)

Roto Grip has been making professional bowling equipment since the late 1960s. It was founded by the Yetito family and bought by Storm in 1998.
roto grip bowling balls

Since 1998, Storm has been making the balls for Roto Grip. The first ball they made was called the SD-73. It was “The Ball Banned from the PBA Tour.” Roto Grip focused on the overseas market from 1998 to 2001, but they released a few domestic balls each year.

The balls were unusual in that they were pre-weighted with finger-weight and side weight before being marked with a four-point star.

Roto grip bowling balls have been on the high-performance shelf for many years.

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How Roto Grip Bowling Balls Help the Bowler

When you drill a roto grip bowling ball, you can add weight to the ball without affecting the distribution of weight around the ball. This means that you can have a heavier bowling ball without sacrificing control.

Roto Grip Balls

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Roto Grip also offers a line of hybrid bowling balls. These balls are made with a harder outer shell and a softer inner core. This allows the ball to hook more on dry lanes and provide more power on wet lanes.

If you are looking for a bowling ball that can help you improve your score, then consider Roto Grip bowling balls. With their unique design and weight distribution, Roto Grip balls can give you the edge you need to bowl a perfect game.

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Get a Higher Score

Roto grip bowling balls are one of the best ways to improve your bowling score. With their unique design and weight distribution, they can help you knock down all the pins and bowl a perfect game. If you are looking for a way to improve your score, then consider a Roto Grip ball.

If you are looking to dominate the bowling alley this year you should give roto grip balls a try.

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Looking to Purchase?

In this review section, we are psyched to tell you about 2 brands that really stick out. They are by Pearl and Storm Products. And the 2 roto grip bowling balls that we like the most are the Roto Grip Hyped Pearl, and the Storm Roto Grip Gem.

Who Do We Recommend?

If you are in the market for a roto grip bowling ball, there are several balls we recommend bowlers try out. Pearl and Storm Products Inc. are great brands to shop for.

While there are other manufacturers that make quality bowling balls, these two brands have a good reputation for making high-quality products that can help improve your game.

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Roto Grip Hyped Pearl.

hyped pearl

Pearl is a great brand. The Roto Grip Hyped Pearl ball has a low RG core. This means that it will offer more motion than their entry-level balls but less than their upper-mid performance bowling balls.

Versatile Coverstock

The coverstock on the Hyped Pearl is the VTC (Versatile Traction Control) Pearl Coverstock which will provide durability and consistency on medium oil conditions.

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Roto Grip Hyped Pearl Details

  • Colors: Black/Carolina/Charcoal
  • Coverstock: VTC Pearl Reactive
  • Core: Hyped
  • Finish: 1500-grit Polished or 4K FAST (4000-grit)
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Medium
  • RG: 2.52 (15# ball)
  • Differential: 0.036 (15# ball)

Roto Grip Gem

Gem Storm Brand

This high-performance bowling ball is nothing less than amazing. It has a Defiant LRG core, which is the lowest RG asymmetrical core in the current Roto Grip line-up.

This enables the ball to quickly rev up and keep going strong! The coverstock is also very impressive, being the extremely aggressive MicroTrax Solid Reactive. This combination makes this ball perfect for heavy oil conditions.

What should I know about the Roto Grip Gem?

  • Brilliant. Extraordinary. Magnificent.
  • Breathtaking looks and performance!
  • Dazzles on heavy oil
  • Color: Citrine/Ruby/Amethyst
  • Coverstock: MicroTrax Solid Reactive
  • Core: Defiant LRG (14-16#)
  • Finish: 2000 Abralon
  • RG: 2.47 (for 15# ball)
  • Differential: 0.053 (for 15# ball)
  • Recommended Lane Condition: Heavy Oil

Check out other storm products if you aren’t looking for a roto grip.

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