What is Cosmic Bowling and What is the Experience Like?

Cosmic Bowling involves black lights, spotlights, strobe lights, and fog teamed up with loud heart-pumping music videos that create a new spin on bowling. Some lanes even glow in the dark!
Close-up image of bowling shoe in bowling alley.

Glow Bowling

If you are looking for some bowling fun, and you like disco lights and loud music then a cosmic bowling experience may be for you.

Cosmic Bowling Experience

Black lights and loud heart-pounding music aren’t the only part of the cosmic bowling experience. Some alleys even have runway lights.

Hottest Bowling Experience

Did we mention that there are disco lights and loud music? I have seen some alleys use a fog machine where haze machines pumping fog onto the lanes. Some bowling lanes even glow in the dark!

Cosmic bowling can also sometimes use laser lights in order to create the optimal cosmic bowling experience.

A woman about to roll her bowling ball down the all during cosmic bowling - 10 open bowling certificate

Your Nearest Family Fun Center

All great cosmic bowling parties have one thing in common, FUN! Check if your local lanes have cosmic bowling events and maybe you can join us for a night of spot lights where we bowl under the disco ball!

Cosmic Bowling Times

Cosmic bowling lanes offer times, depending on your local center. However, if you want to bowl under the disco lights, then it’s probably going to be from 9 pm -Midnight.

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