The Bowling Hall of Fame (International Bowling Museum)

The International Bowling Hall of Fame was established in 1993 and is located in the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, on the International Bowling Campus in Arlington, Texas.
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Bowling pins reflecting in bowling alley laneWhere is the Bowling Hall of Fame Located?

The Bowling Hall of Fame is located at 621 Six Flags Dr, Arlington, TX 76011. however it wasn’t always in Texas. 

The International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame used to be located at 11 Stadium Plaza, St. Louis, Missouri, USA, and shared the same building with the St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum, until November 8, 2008.

The Hall of Fame Moved?

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In 2012, the WBW was merged with the International Bowling Media Association. After the merger, the WBW hall of fame inductees became part of the IBMA Luby Hall of Fame.

The hall of fame is a place where you can learn all about the history of bowling. You can see exhibits of famous bowlers, learn about bowling, and more. It’s a great place to go if you’re interested in bowling or just want to learn more about it. Plus, it’s right next to the bowling museum and hall, so you can go bowling after you see the International Bowling Museum.

The International Bowling Museum

Bowling campus

The International Bowling Museum and hall of fame is an amazing place that everyone should visit at least once! It pays homage to a great sport, all the inductees truly deserve to be there.

What are some things you can expect?

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You will find bowling photos and memorabilia dating back as far as 1841. The museum is open to the public. This means that any visitors can come and check out this historic building – no membership required!

International Bowling Campus

fame international bowling museum is right next to the hall of fame

The international bowling campus is a great place to bowl, learn and make friends. All amateur bowlers are welcome. The facilities are fantastic, and the staff is always available to help you practice your bowling skills.

Bowling Museum Events

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In addition, there are many events going on every year that will make it easy for people from all over the world to meet up in one place! Pick an event that works for you and check out the shop while you are there.

How do you get into the bowling Hall of Fame?

only the best bowlers get nominated

It represents high-quality USBC performance, outstanding USBC performance, meritorious assistance, and Pioneer categories. The candidates must get a vote that includes Hall of Fame Members and longtime Bowler writers. To get inducted you must have accomplished at least one of the following:

  • Won a major PBA tournament.
  • Bowled an 800 series in competition.
  • Been elected captain of the US national bowling team

Bowling Museum and Hall Nomination Window

The nomination window is open annually from May 1-Aug. 31.  During that time, you can submit a nomination form and supporting materials. The selection committee meets in September to choose the new inductees, who are announced in December.

If you know someone who is worthy of consideration for induction into the USBC Hall of Fame, please nominate them!

The International Bowling Museum is a must-visit!

stop by six flags

The next time you are in Arlington, Texas, you should stop by the International Bowling Museum. It’s a really interesting place to learn about bowling and it will be fun for the whole family. There is even an opportunity where you can create your own plaque, which you could hang on your mantle!

While you are there you can also see the many other attractions in the area. Six flags great adventure park is nearby. Visit six flags in Arlington and take the family. Hit six flags on a Thursday and you can visit the museum all weekend.

How many people are in the hall of fame?

hall of fame

At the time of this writing, there are 432 members of the USBC Hall of Fame, including 223 in Superior Performance, 120 in Meritorious Service, 51 in Veterans, 22 in Pioneers, and 16 in Outstanding USBC performances.

Where is the National Hall of Fame located?

arlington texas

Since its inception, the facility had been housed within the International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame, St. Louis, Missouri. Its headquarters currently lies in Arlington Texas.

Who has rolled the most 300 games?

fero williams

Fero Williams has rolled 135 300 games according to the USBC record books. When he achieved this record he was only 31 years old. Who knows how many he’ll have earned by the time he retires from the competition?


The Bowling Hall of Fame has now become an Iconic destination for bowlers of all skill levels. Please check it out when you visit Texas again. 

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