A Professional Bowlers Average: Professional Score to Bowl For!

A professional bowler's average score is between 230-250. If you are looking to bowl a good score, you can increase your average by joining a league to increase your skill!
professional bowlers average

The average professional bowler typically scores between 230 and 250 points out of 300 possible. This may seem low but if you consider factors like lane conditions, oil patterns, and the pro bowlers’ mental game, then this seems about right.

From League Bowler to Pro Bowler

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Most pro bowlers were league bowlers at one time. This means that there is hope for you if you dream of one day becoming a professional bowler. Just remember when it comes to professional bowling, things get a lot more serious than just the professional bowler’s average.

What Is Considered to be a Good Score in Bowling?

Bowling at its highest level takes much more skill than most people are aware of. The sport of bowling is divided into two distinct categories. The first is recreational or league bowling and the second is professional bowling. A good score in recreational or league bowling would typically be considered a score between 190 and 220 out of 300 possible points. Anything higher than 220 can be seen as very impressive while anything below 200 should still be considered fairly respectable.

How Do You Achieve a High Score in Bowling?

Professional bowlers achieve their high scores by relying on both technique and bowling ball choice.

To be a successful bowler, you need more than just natural talent. You also need to develop good habits. If you want to bowl a perfect game, you need to get a strike on every frame. To do that, you need to know the right techniques and practice them regularly.

But even professional bowlers don’t always achieve a perfect game. The highest score ever recorded in professional bowling is 300 points. That means the bowler got three strikes in each of the 10 frames. It’s an amazing accomplishment, but amateurs like us can achieve something similar. All it takes is dedication and practice.

Factors That Can Affect Bowling Scores

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1. Oil patterns on the lane

2. The weight and size of the bowling ball

3. The type of bowling shoes worn

4. The player’s bowling technique

5. The player’s level of experience

Is There a Maximum Score One Can Reach in Bowling?

The max score in bowling is 300. This is referred to as a perfect game. A perfect game occurs when you get 12 strikes in a row, giving you 300 points out of 300 possible. Although this score is achievable, it is not easy and requires serious practice and skill.

It may take dozens or even hundreds of games before one can achieve this feat. Professional bowlers will practice and refine their technique to improve their scores.

What Is Considered a Bad Average Score When Bowling?

A score of 100 or less is pretty bad for an average score. This means that the bowler is not bowling well and has a lot of work to do to improve their game. To be a successful bowler, you need to score more than 100. This may be difficult for beginner bowlers, but it is achievable with practice.

What is the Average Score for Beginner Bowlers?

The average beginner bowler has a score of around 100. They are new and still developing their technique to hit pins and get strikes–which is knocking all the pins down with one ball. If they utilize two balls, it’s called a spare. Since beginners don’t achieve many of these accomplishments, their score is lower in comparison to those who have been bowling for longer periods of time.

What’s the Bowling Average for a Pro Bowler in the PBA?

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The average bowling score for a pro bowler in the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) is between 230 and 240 points out of 300 possible. This may seem low, but if you consider all of the factors that go into a professional bowling match (lane conditions, oil patterns, mental game, etc.), then this seems about right. Even professional bowlers don’t always achieve a perfect game, which is the highest score possible in bowling. To be successful in professional bowling, you need more than natural talent–you need to develop good habits and practice regularly.

How fast does a professional bowler bowl?

Professional bowlers can bowl at speeds up to 20 miles per hour. This is incredibly fast and requires a lot of skill and practice to achieve such speeds. Professional bowlers are also able to control their speed and accuracy which is essential in achieving a higher score.

How to Get Better and Increase My Bowling Average?

First, keep your mind out of the gutter. Sorry, bad pun. Second, be consistent. Learn how to hook the ball so you can attain the perfect strike.

To make the game more competitive, bowling alleys will sponsor leagues where teams play against each other once a week. You could try to join one and practice with the team.

Also, research and learn about the different types of bowling balls and shoes on the market. The right equipment can make all the difference in increasing your average score. Finally, practice and stay consistent! The more you play, the better you will get.

Join a Tournament

A great way to get better at the sport of bowling is to throw against other bowlers who are better than you. Another player can teach you a lot when you are competing with them too.

Most bowling leagues are set up to encourage high scoring.

As I said, joining a league is one way to practice and stay consistent. Most leagues are set up to encourage high scoring by giving out awards or prizes for the highest scores. This can be a great incentive and can help motivate you to practice and get better. Find out if your local bowling alley has a league for you to join. A league may significantly change how you shoot when you bowl.

How Often Should I Bowl?

How good do you want to become? That’s the real question. The more you practice, the better you will get. It’s important to find a balance between playing and resting, as the muscles in your arms and shoulders can be easily overworked. Try to bowl at least once a week and take breaks in between games.

If you want to be a good bowler, then you should throw the ball at least 2 times a week.


A professional bowler’s average is anywhere between 230-240 per game. For recreational bowlers, the average is around 100. Improving your bowling game takes practice and consistency. Joining a league can help you stay motivated and can be a great way to practice and increase your average score.

The key is to find the right equipment, bowl consistently, and pay attention to lane conditions.

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