Left-Handed Bowling Shoes: Traction and Slide Soles Explained

Left-handed bowlers slide with their right foot and push with their left when they release the ball. This is why left-handed bowlers will want a slide pad on their right foot and a traction pad on their left.
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In this post, we will explore left-handed form and our favorite shoe series for left-handed bowlers. Here’s a hint it’s Dexter but KR Strike force comes in a close second.

What Makes Left-Hand Bowling Shoes Left-Handed?

The soles are reversed for left-handed bowling shoes and right-hand bowling shoes. The push sole and the slide sole are worn on the opposite shoes from right-hand bowling shoes. Wearing the right bowling shoes can take your game whole new level.

If a left-hander was wearing right-hand bowling shoes, he/she may have a hard time at the end of their approach. 

left handed release

Left-Handers Slide with Right Foot

If you are left-handed then you will naturally slide with your right foot when you take your shot. If you are wearing a pair of shoes meant for right-hand bowlers you may have a bad experience.

The right shoe makes all the difference

In bowling, most people overlook bowling shoes when looking to improve their game. Having good footwork and a solid approach is the foundation on which throwing strikes is built. Because of this, having the right pair of shoes is essential. The KR Strikeforce Rage combines performance and comfort so you can make the most of every shot.

Performance Left-Hand Bowling Shoes

Most performance shoes come with interchangeable soles that allow them to be used for both left-hand bowling and right-hand bowling.

KR Strikeforce Mens Rage Specs

KR mens strikeforce

For example, the KR Strikeforce Rage Interchangeable Performance Men’s Bowling Shoes with Interchangeable Slide Pads and Heels come with everything needed to make these shoes perfect for a right-hand or la eft-hand bowler.

  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • A performance shoe that comes with a slide pad and heel, which can be switched out depending on which foot needs it.
  • We have a glove for everyone! Right handed, left handed, or right handed and wide width- we’ve got you covered.
  • The new, Krystalized rubber outsole is the most durable one yet in bowling.
  • This product come with three slide pads and two heels, so you can change your look on the go!
  • Great for tournament bowlers

Dexter Mens SST 8 Pro Bowling Shoes

dexter sst mens

The Dexter Mens SST 8 Pro bowling shoe is the perfect amalgamation of classic style with modern technology. It features Dexter’s total interchangeable sole construction, which makes it easily convertible for left-handed or right-handed bowlers. In addition, this allows the customer to customize their slide surface as well as their traction surface according to preference. This shoe combines comfort and performance with retro styling, making it a great choice for anyone!

  • Construction is entirely unique and can be changed to fit your needs.
  • Soft Man-Made & Nylon Upper
  • Whether you’re a righty or lefty, this convertible is for you.
  • Goodyear Rubber Traction Soles that can be replaced
  • TPU Leather Toe Drag Protector prevents peeling back of the slide-sole.
  • On shoe (removable): H5 ST, H2 UB, S8, T2+
  • Removable Footbeds

If you are looking for a wide-width shoe, then the KR Strikeforce mens will be the way to go. Unfortunately, the dexter mens sst doesn’t come in a wide, only a D.

Are Interchangeable Soles Easy to Swap Out?

The beauty of having interchangeable soles is that they make your shoes versatile. You can use them for both right-hand bowling and left-hand bowling by simply swapping out the soles.

Most of the time, you will only need to swap out the slide sole and the push sole. Usually, a very strong velcro material is how these soles are held on, so changing them is very easy.

Do left-handers have an advantage in bowling?

The main difference between right-handed bowlers and left-handed bowlers is which side of the lane the ball will start to hook from.

Since there are primarily more right-handed bowlers hooking from the right side of the lane, the oil on the right side of the lane will typically start to dry up. Bowling in low oil conditions is a little tricky if you rely on a strong hook.

This will make it harder for high-rev right-handed bowlers to get the best hook compared to left-handed bowlers who typically have a fresh set of oil to play on.


Now you know that the difference between left-handed bowling shoes and right-handed bowling shoes is the placement of the slide pad and heel. You also know that most performance shoes come with interchangeable soles, which makes them perfect for both righties and lefties. And finally, you know that left-handers may have a slight advantage when bowling in low oil conditions.

Having the best bowling shoes is important, whether you are a right-handed bowler or a left-handed bowler. It is even more important if you want to be competitive in tournaments.

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