How Much Do Female Pro Bowlers Make?

In tournaments, professional female bowlers can make money ranging from a few hundred dollars up to a top prize of $60,000. The highest-paid women's bowlers in 2022, competed in the PWBA Tour Championship and the USBC Queens tournaments.
Champion Birgit Noreiks of Germany professional bowler in the professional sport of bowling

In the 2022 USBC Queens tournament, Estefania Cobo who came in 68th place took home prize money totaling $1,500 while Birgit Noreiks took home $60,000 as the first-prize winner.

professional bowler in the professional sport of bowling

In the 2022 U.S. Women’s Open tournament Maria Jose Rodriguez came in 33rd and one $240 while Erin McCarthy took first place and won $60,000.

I previously wrote a post on how much professional bowlers make which wasn’t specifically geared toward men’s or women’s bowling, however, ladies, this one is just for you.

Since bowling is a professional sport there has to be some way that players to make money. This is typically prize money, and the top professional bowlers will obviously make the most.

Professional Women Bowlers Association

news regarding pro bowlers in the PWBA

(PWBA) is the organization that governs women’s professional bowling. They are also in charge of organizing tournaments and specifying how much prize money will be awarded to winners.

The PWBA was formed back in 1960 and has been running strong ever since. They currently offer 8 different events throughout the season with each event having various first-place prizes ranging from $10,000 to $60,000.

Average Salary vs Highest Paid Bowler in the PWBA

This is a tricky one because there are other ways female bowlers can make money aside from just prize money in tournaments.

For example, many female bowlers are sponsored by different brands. The amount of money they make from sponsorships will vary depending on how successful they are and how big their social media following is.

With that being said, the average salary for a female bowler is around $30,000-$50,000. The highest-paid female bowler in the PWBA currently is Shannon O’Keefe who made $85,685 in prize money alone last year.

When you factor in sponsorships and other forms of income, it’s safe to say that some female

What is the Earning Gap Between Male and Female Professional Bowlers?

A women’s professional bowler salary is usually around $30,000-$50,000. Annual earnings for professional bowlers have decreased in recent years, with the best ones earning $75,000 or more. female bowlers compete less often on television than men, making it difficult to gain recognition and win competitively.

While the earning potential may not be as high as it once was, there is still potential to make a significant amount of money through women’s bowling. These things tend to go in cycles, and there’s no reason why women’s bowling couldn’t have a resurgence in popularity.

Best Bowlers in the PWBA

professional bowler in the professional sport of bowling

Here are the earnings from the 2022 PWBA Tour. As you can see the prize money is nothing to sneeze at.

  1. Birgit Noreiks $79,300
  2. Danielle McEwan $77,950
  3. Shannon O’Keefe $76,200
  4. Erin McCarthy $72,225
  5. Stephanie Zavala $66,550
  6. Clara Guerrero $57,550
  7. Jordan Richard $56,200
  8. Bryanna Coté $55,250
  9. Stefanie Johnson $41,100
  10. Breanna Clemmer $40,300

Men’s Professional bowling tournaments however generally bring in twice as much money as the PWBA tours do. This typically stems from the greater popularity of men’s bowling tournaments which garner wider television coverage and more interest from sponsoring bowling companies.

However, it really does all come down to the bowler. For instance, international celebrities like Lisa Wagner brought in over $100,00o during the 2000 season.

Professional Bowling Salaries on the Decline

While there are still plenty of ways for professional bowlers to make a good living, it’s no secret that salaries have been on the decline in recent years.

This is likely due to a combination of factors including the recession and the increased popularity of other sports.

However, as with anything, bowling will go through ups and downs. Who knows, maybe in a few years we’ll see another boom in the popularity of this great sport.

In the meantime, female bowlers can still make a good living by staying competitive and taking advantage of other opportunities such as sponsorships and endorsements.

How Do Women Bowlers Make Money?

The professional bowling tour usually makes up the majority of a professional bowler’s salary. A PBA bowler can play in several major tournaments throughout the year and earn a decent living from prize money alone.

In some cases, however, a Pepsi sponsorship deal may make more money for aspiring bowlers than winning tournaments. Especially because some tournaments in the PWBA only pay out $10,000 for first place.

It’s actually hard to tell what an average salary especially the average annual salary of women bowlers due to the various ways top bowlers make money vs. the vast majority of other professional bowlers.

Bowling Tournaments

The top women bowlers in the world compete in several different types of tournaments.

Landing A Sponsorship deal

PWBA-Pepsi-Nationwide sponsorship deal

While tournament winnings are the most common way female bowlers make money, some of the top bowlers in the world make more money from endorsements and sponsorships.

For example, Elise Bolton has a sponsorship deal with Columbia 300. This allows her to bowl using their products and also receive a salary.

In some cases, these endorsement deals can be worth more than what the bowler could win at a tournament. It really depends on the company and the terms of the agreement.

Other Ways to Make Money

There are other ways that female bowlers can make money such as teaching lessons, working at a pro shop, or giving clinics.

Some bowlers even open their own bowling centers. This obviously requires a lot of capital, but it can be a great way to make a living if done correctly.

Overall, there are several different ways that female bowlers can make money. While tournament winnings may not be as high as what the men make, there are still plenty of opportunities for women to make a good living in the sport of bowling.

What Costs Do Women Professional Bowlers Have?

Saving Expenses Income

Living Expenses

The biggest expense for any professional bowler is living expenses. This includes things like rent, food, and transportation.

Traveling Expenses

Another big expense for professional bowlers is travel expenses. Bowlers have to travel to tournaments, which can sometimes be across the country. This can get expensive, especially if you’re not able to find a cheap place to stay.

Entry Fees

Most bowling tournaments have an entry fee. This is usually around $100, but it can be more or less depending on the tournament.

Equipment Costs

Another cost that professional bowlers have to worry about is equipment. While most companies will provide some equipment for their sponsored bowlers, it’s still a good idea to have your own bowling balls, bowling shoes, and any other bowling equipment that makes you a better bowler.

How do the 2022 PWBA and 2022 PBA Tournaments Compare?

The professional bowlers association has what is called the Tour of Champions. The winner of the event receives $100,000, with second place receiving $55,000.

The top-paid professional athletes of the PWBA compete most notably in the PWBA Tour Championship for the first prize of $50,000 and the second prize of $25,000. But they also compete in the U.S. Women’s Open and the USBC Queens tournaments which both have the first prize winners earning $60,000 and the second prize winners earning $30,000. 


Like other sports, female bowlers can make a good living by competing in tournaments and other events. While they may not make as much as the top male bowlers, there are still plenty of opportunities for women to make a good living in the sport of bowling.

Pro bowling may not be what it once was in the golden era when television ratings were sky-high and Walter Ray Williams Jr, Don Carter, and Norm Duke were kings. And women may not be striking up million-dollar contracts like men, but there’s still good money to be made in the sport for the top athletes.

So if you’re a woman with a good arm and a love for bowling, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t make a living from it. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll be the one striking it rich in the world of pro bowling.

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