Bowling Banned For A Short Period of Time

Bolwling is a great participatory sport that is fun for the whole family. You can get a team together quickly, have some drinks, and have a really fun night out with very little effort.
Things you may not have heard about bowling.

At One Point Bowling Was Banned Across The Country

However, did you know that at one point bowling was banned in certain places? This and more are coming up in this trivia-packed post full of things you may not have heard about bowling.

Why Was Bowling Illegal?

Bowling has been banned several times throughout history and all for different reasons. In America, it was feared that soldiers would gamble while playing it and it was associated with crime and mafia organizations.

In 1366 King Edward III banned it due to the fact that it distracted men from archery practice.

Back in 1511, English King Henry VIII was a big fan of bowling. He actually banned the game for the lower classes and put in a special tax for private lanes to make sure only the wealthy could play.

The Tenth Pin

In the early 19th century, Bowling alleys were often owned by Bars and Pubs. This led to a culture of crime and gambling.

Eventually, Bowling gained a bad reputation. So in 1841, Connecticut banned ownership of nine-pin lanes in an attempt to stop gambling and crime.

When gamers simply added another pin, a loophole was discovered. As a result, it became a different game and no longer qualified for the ban.

What if Bowling Stayed Illegal?

There’s no doubt about it: bowling is a uniquely American pastime. It’s a game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities, and it’s a part of our cultural heritage. But what if bowling had remained illegal?

Bowling was actually banned in England in the 16th century, and it wasn’t legalized in the United States until the 19th century. If bowling had stayed illegal, it would have had a profound impact on our country. For one thing, it would have deprived us of beloved leisure activity. But beyond that, it would also have had a significant impact on the economy. The bowling industry generates billions of dollars every year and employs millions of people. If bowling had remained illegal, those jobs would have been lost, and that revenue would have been lost as well. There also wouldn’t have been so many great bowling movies for us to watch.

So next time you head to the bowling alley, take a moment to appreciate how lucky we are that this great American pastime is available to us. And let’s hope that bowling never goes out of style!

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