Top 5 Best Bowling Balls for Kids – 2022

The best bowling ball for a child is a ball that has low hook potential and a good backend reaction. Finding a bowling ball for kids with those characteristics can often be a challenge.
Bowling Ball on Bowling Rack

Top 5 Bowling Balls on any Kid’s Wish List

Ultimately, it’s up to the individual bowler to decide which ball is best for them. When it comes to youth bowling balls our little youngsters need our help picking the best bowling ball.

So we have put together a list of some good entry-level and spare bowling balls to consider purchasing for your child. These are definitely the top bowling balls to buy in 2022 for your child. 

See below for the characteristics that make up the best bowling balls for kids.

brunswick Tzone

1. Brunswick TZone

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A fantastic ball for a bowler who is just getting started, or as a spare for those last few pins. Get this TZone now to add to your arsenal! This TZONE has an Indigo Swirl pattern that will undoubtedly improve your game.


  • This ball is perfect for a beginner bowler.

  • This is a great spare ball.

  • This ball is a great value.

  • One of the most popular bowling balls.

One of the best kids’ bowling balls because:

The Brunswick TZone is a great ball for beginner bowlers and can also be used as a spare ball. A lot of popular bowling balls fall short but the the TZone.

It has a Polyester coverstock with Crown Factory Polish finish, making it suitable for those who want low hook potential and backend reaction.

Additionally, the RG (Radius of Gyration) is 2.715, which makes it a good choice for those looking for length and less hook potential. RG max of 2.715 means that the ball will start rolling sooner, making it easier for beginners to control.

The Differential is 0.019, meaning that it will travel in a straighter line than other bowling balls when thrown. The differential of 0.019 also helps keep the ball from skidding off the lane when it hits the pins.

If you like awesome bowling balls, this one is for you.

Easy Use

Beginner bowlers will appreciate the Brunswick TZone Indigo Swirl bowling ball. The ball is designed for easy use and can also be used as a spare ball.

Bowling balls for kids are typically designed to be a little bit more forgiving than those meant for adult players. This is because children often have less experience and tend to make mistakes when they bowl.

Just make sure you buy the appropriate children’s bowling ball weight for your child’s height and weight. 

Polyester coverstocks are generally the best option for beginner bowlers, as they are relatively easy to control and offer good durability.

Factory Polish

Factory polish finishes help increase the ball’s responsiveness and hook potential, making it easier for kids to get their ball into the pocket. As your child improves, you may want to consider switching to a bowling ball with a more aggressive finish.

The RG avg of 8.7 means that this ball will be suitable for most bowling lane conditions.

The hook potential of 25 means that the ball has a good chance of knocking down more pins, while the length of 235 helps it travel down the lane for a longer period of time.

The breakpoint shape of 30 is ideal for getting the ball to curve around the pins. When choosing a bowling ball for your child, make sure to consider all of these factors to ensure they have the best possible chance of success.

2. Brunswick Rhino

2. Brunswick Rhino

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The Brunswick Rhino bowling balls have excellent balance and power, with little reaction to either dry or greasy lanes. All bowling alleys treat their lanes with different levels of oil/grease and this ball will hang tight to all conditions.


  • This ball is perfect for a beginner bowler.

  • This is a great entry-level ball.

  • This ball is a great value.

  • One of the best top-rated bowling balls.

These features make the R-16 reactive coverstock in conjunction with the Light Bulb core from Brunswick ideal for a beginner bowler or any bowler searching for a ball without a big hook.

This response is accomplished by combining the R-16 reactive coverstock with the Light Bulb core from Brunswick.

The Brunswick Rhino Red/Black/Gold Pearl is a great option for kids because it has a light bulb core, which makes it easy for children to control.

It also has a reactive coverstock that provides a slight hook and can be used on any lane condition. One of the bowling tips for kids is to learn how to hook early. So this ball is a great way to get started.

The RG max and RG min are both 2.554, and the differential is 0.030, making it a ball that will roll true every time.

The hook potential is 95, making it a great choice for children who want to start hooking the ball.

The length is 160, and the breakpoint shape is medium, which makes this ball perfect for both beginners and experienced bowlers.

The Storm Tropical bowling ball legacy continues with the Surge core making a great bowling ball for entry-level and casual league bowlers.

This ball is designed to give you good performance in light to medium oil conditions. This is truly an awesome bowling ball.


  • Entry-level bowlers will love the bang for the buck

  • The Surge Core brings new features to the Tropical Line.

  • It glides through the center of the lane, reacts down-lane, and distributes the most pins.

  • A great ball to add to your kids bowling gear.

These fun balls are appealing to bowlers of every skill level. They have a coverstock that makes them glide through the front of the lane and reacts down-lane, which creates optimum pin carry.

More Reliable Ball

The Surge core has a higher differential which makes it more reliable and gives it a bit more hook at the backend.

The Reactor Pearl coverstock will give your bowling ball more hook potential. The Surge core will create a medium amount of flare.

The ball’s finish will be polished to 1500 grit to create more friction and help it hook more on the backend. Its RG value is 2.57 for 16-pound balls, and it has a differential of .025.

Stronger Backend Reaction

The Reactor Pearl coverstock is designed to create more length and a stronger backend reaction in medium to light oil conditions. 

The Surge core is designed for easy revving and good continuation through the pins.

Storm Ice Storm

4. Storm Ice Storm

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When you pull this out of the bag, your opponents will be frozen in place by the Storm Ice Storm. We get asked a lot “what is the best spare bowling ball?” Our answer is the Ice Storm by Storm.


  • Core: The traditional 3-piece core is a type of insulation that has been used for a long time. It is made of three different materials: fiberglass, mineral wool, and foam.

  • Coverstock: The coverstock on this ball is made of pearl polyester.

  • Finish: The surface of the stone has a polished finish with a grit level of 3500.

  • Lane Conditions: Any

The Pinpointing Micro Pearlized polyester Coverstock surrounds a 3-Piece Pancake Core, allowing the ball to go down the lane and pinpointing where you aim it.

Storm wants this ball to have the greatest length possible while yet maintaining the accuracy of a Polyester ball.

Whether you’re competing for money or simply for the fun of it, the Ice Storm is so cool that your biggest opponent will have a meltdown!

5. Brunswick Twist

5. Brunswick Twist

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The Brunswick Twist is a fantastic choice for someone wanting to transition from a plastic/spare ball.

This ball combines the well-known R-16 Reactive coverstock with the Twist Low Diff core.

The coverstock on this ball is R-16 reactive. This means that it will be easy to roll and have a lot of length.

The core is Twist Low Diff, which makes the ball react predictably and controllably on medium to light oil conditions.

The finish is 500 Siaair/Crown Factory Compound/Crown Factory Polish, which gives the ball a strong backend reaction.

This ball is recommended for light oil lanes. It’s RG (2.591) and differential (0.018) are both low, making it an easy ball to control.

The combination of these two components provides for simple length while still producing a powerful and controlled back reaction when pushed against drier lane conditions.

The Twist line of bowling balls is ideal for people of all ages and skill levels.

These are just 5 of the best bowling balls for kids on the market today. When choosing a ball, make sure to consider the weight and the size of the ball, as well as the type of coverstock and the core.

With so many options available, it’s easy to find the perfect ball for your child’s needs. Check here for other bowling products.

How Do You Choose The Right Ball?

Finding bowling balls for kids with the right weight and holes sizes can be tricky. Hand sizes vary greatly among children and you want to get them a ball they can handle easily.

The bowling world can be great for adults and children alike, but you must make sure that your bowling ball has certain characteristics that help tackle even the hardest of shots.

Dry lanes can make throwing a bowling ball hard for beginners of all ages. So make sure you get the weight and the finger holes correct before you play.

Be Sure to Get the Correct Weight!

Going with a heavier ball isn’t the ideal choice for a new bowler. For some kids, the weight of the ball could really ruin their game, but you aren’t going to want to get too light of a ball either.

Start by selecting a bowling ball with a weight that correlates to their age.

If your child is 9 have them start with a 9-pound ball. If it’s too heavy drop by one pound. If it’s too light go up by one pound.

How To Know If Your Kids Bowling Ball is the Correct Weight

Have them press the ball straight out in front of their body for a moment to test this. If they can do it comfortably, they’re ready to play.

If not, wait until your child is a bit older and stronger before attempting again.

Kids, like adults, should utilize the heaviest ball that is appropriate and safe for them.

Local Bowling Shops

Most of the time your local bowling shop won’t have much of a selection of bowling balls for kids, and if they do they are normally for bigger kids. Normally, the stock bowling balls are on the heavier side.

Other Important Kids Bowling Ball Characteristics

Other characteristics to look for when choosing a bowling ball for kids:

Low Hook Potential

The best bowling ball for a child is a ball that has low hook potential and a good backend reaction. Finding a bowling ball for kids with those characteristics can often be a challenge. Obviously, younger bowlers will need lighter bowling balls until they gain more bowling experience.

The best bowling ball for back-end hook can be a gift you give a more mature bowler who is learning how to hook a bowling ball. 


There are a lot of different things to consider when looking for the best bowling ball for a kid. The first thing you’ll need to think about is the coverstock. Polyester balls are a good option for kids because they’re durable and easy to control.


You’ll also want to consider the finish and surface of the ball. A polished finish will help it glide smoothly down the lane. Bowling alleys all treat their lanes differently so making sure your ball has the correct finish for the job will really help improve your bowling skills.


The RG (radius of gyration) is also important to consider. A ball with a high RG will spin more off the fingers, while a ball with a low RG will roll more on the lane.


The differential is another measurement of how much spin is put on the ball. A high differential will result in more hook potential.


Finally, you’ll want to consider the length and shape of the breakpoint. On some rolls, you will want to throw a “straight ball.” A ball with a lot of length will travel further down the lane before it breaks, while a ball with a lot of hook potential will curve more sharply.


How much is a bowling ball? Kids bowling balls follow about the same trajectory when it comes to cost. However, since they are normally entry-level bowling balls, they are on the more affordable side of things. 

Finger Holes

Finger holes for bowling balls should consider the proper thumb size. You should feel a slight drag on the sides of the thumb for a proper fit.

A house ball will have holes drilled to fit the most common distances between the fingers and the thumb. These pre-drilled holes are not always the best fit.

It’s very important that the finger holes allow the thumb and fingers do not to come out at the same time. The thumb comes out of the ball first and then the fingers follow.

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